The Genesis Arc

Shattered remnants of some cataclysmic event fill the night sky, locked into an erratic orbit around both the twin suns and each other. Astrophysicists generally agree that a succession of collisions, possibly caused by the gravitational interlocking of two distinct solar systems, brought the celestial spheres into their modern appearance. A yellow sun and a red dwarf circle each other at the center, surrounded by numerous planets, planetoids, and asteroids in a generally declining orbit. Beyond this disk lies a thick asteroid belt, which falls within this systems ‘Goldilocks Zone;’ the ring of space in which a planet can sustain Earth-like conditions.

Within this belt lies the Core, a planet similar in nature and function to Earth. Evolution, cultures, and histories are nearly identical, with only a few slight differences caused by the lack of a single moon, an impressive track record of meteorite hits, and an abnormal amount of cosmic radiation. Our Earth history is brought into the immediate future for this campaign, where many possibilities of science have been brought into actuality.

The superpowers of the comic books have found their way into the real world. The greatest specialists science has to offer have yet to agree on what caused select individuals to manifest physics-defying abilities, but one thing is for certain: there’s more discovered every day. Strange and unique powers are discovered and documented with every passing moment, and the Internet is flooded with pictures and videos of modern supermen, mutants, sorcerers, aliens, and other curious creations otherwise untouched by Hollywood fiction.

But even with the advances brought to us be these gifted few, the precious resources of the Core have been dwindling below acceptable and sustainable levels. Racial and religious tensions are at an all-time high, with the threat of revolution and terrorism reaching far into even the most civilized countries. In an effort to prevent global warfare, many countries are approving legislation to allow private companies to survey and mine many of the largest nearby asteroids. Driven by initial successes, private colonization efforts soon followed.

This is the new frontier. Technological innovations have brought space travel and minor terraforming within the grasp of the world’s economies, and those with abilities beyond the norm have rekindled humanities curiosity with the impossible.

So what happens next?

Genesis Arc

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